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When you live in a country famous for it’s wool industry it would be criminal not to take advantage of the wealth of stunning fibre on your doorstep.

 Outlaw Yarn is a boutique dye house and creator of luxury yarn from New Zealand, the country where sheep outnumber people.  

​All of our base yarns are proudly made in the last remaining NZ spinning mills in operation. Outlaw Yarn is committed to keeping our yarn production 100% local.  

New Zealanders are recognised worldwide for their pioneering spirit and sense of adventure. 

This legacy continues in the Outlaw attitude as our extensive and experimental colour range is inspired by the music and artists we listen to in the dye house as we work.  

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Endless customization with each Doodle Deck - a portable colorwork stitch dictionary! Use these modular, mix-and-match motifs to design and knit the perfect pattern. Knit it again and again, because you'll never get bored!

Doodle Decks

We'd love to see you!

Come visit the showroom to squish the yarn in person. We're located at 8 Stanley Street, Sydenham, Christchurch, NZ. Our official open hours are Tues-Thurs 10am-2pm, Fridays 10-12noon, and the first and third Saturday mornings each month 10am-12noon. We'll probably still let you in outside those hours though - as long as we're there!

If you have time, we can even give you the 'grand tour' and tell you all about working in a micro commercial dye house!